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The student news site of de Toledo High School

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The student news site of de Toledo High School

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Millions of People Returning to Fortnite

Beloved game comes back from the dead, but players are complaining about glitches, lag, and crashing
Kadyn McCafferty
After a long grind with my friend Ryder, the both of us hit the Champion rank, and hope to get Unreal one day.

Owen: I came home Nov. 3 to play Fortnite with my friends, but I was disappointed to be greeted by a screen saying, “Game crashed.” Although I had a bad experience with the new Fortnite season, many players, like Kadyn McCafferty, had a great experience.

Kadyn: I came home eager to play the new Fortnite Season on Nov. 3. 

I had to wait in a 20-minute queue, but it was worth it. I got on, and was taken back to 2018. I landed at Pleasant Park for my first game, and immediately died. I returned to the lobby and realized I had 50 friends online; the day before, there were eight. I played the game all night with my friends and had lots of fun. 

On Nov. 7, I got on Fortnite with three of my friends. The game still doesn’t seem like it’s slowing down. Many people are still playing, and I am really enjoying it. There was this one game where I was popping off. I dropped tilted towers and had 15 kills, and I was pushing this one kid when I started lagging. I had height and he was weak, so I went down to push him, but when I dropped down, my grappler didn’t break my fall, so I died. I should not have died there, and I got very upset and rage-quit. Even though I died and was very upset, I wanna get on right now.

Over the long weekend I was grinding Fortnite the whole time. The game has gotten super competitive and sweaty, and many players complain about this, but I’m just happy to be on the old map. I hit diamond in rank and I’m having lots of fun playing. There is one issue, my girlfriend is getting really mad at me because I’m prioritizing Fortnite over her. When I went to her house the other day, I hung out with her little brother instead of her, and just played Fortnite. I don’t respond to her texts when I play, and she is getting annoyed. Either way, I’m having lots of fun, and can’t wait for the new season.

Owen: Day 5, still no Fortnite. Not only did my game crash, my mom was also mad at me. Therefore, I was not able to play, but, hopefully, with the long weekend I will be able to play. I cannot wait to finally have the ability to play with the scar, rocket launcher, and many more old weapons. OGs, we are home.

Finally, after a week of the new season coming out, I finally was able to play. I got a solo win and played a little bit of ranked Fortnite, and it was very fun. I landed in my OG landing spot, the mansion next to lonely; it reminded me of when I used to play every day and die off spawn. I used to land there to avoid other players; if I landed tilted or salty, I would usually die 90% of the time.

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About the Contributors
Kadyn McCafferty
Kadyn McCafferty, Sports Editor
Kadyn McCafferty is a sophomore at de Toledo, class of 2026. He is a character on the baseball team and would like to write about sports.  
Owen Kasif
Owen Kasif, Sports Editor
Owen Kasif is a sophomore at de Toledo, class of 2026. This year he will be writing for The Prowler about sports and school clubs.

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  • J

    JoshFeb 2, 2024 at 1:01 pm

    Hey Owen,

    I totally get where you’re coming from with your thoughts about returning to the OG Fortnite map. Nostalgia has a powerful way of making us yearn for the good old days, and the original map holds a special place in many players’ hearts.

    Remember, change is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The Fortnite developers are constantly working hard to keep the game fresh, exciting, and full of surprises. Each new map brings new opportunities, strategies, and challenges that help players grow and adapt.

    Just like in Fortnite, life is all about adapting to new situations and making the most out of the hand you’re dealt. Embrace the changes, and who knows, you might discover new favorite landing spots, hidden gems, or unique gameplay experiences on the current map.

    The best adventures often come from stepping out of our comfort zones and exploring the unknown. So, keep that positive mindset, Owen! The Fortnite island might evolve, but so can your skills and enjoyment of the game. Embrace the journey, adapt to the changes, and continue to build amazing memories on the ever-evolving Fortnite landscape.

    Keep building, keep exploring, and most importantly, keep having fun!