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The student news site of de Toledo High School

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The student news site of de Toledo High School

The Prowler

Opinion: Making it out of O block

dT students talk about famous rappers who rose up out of the Chicago neighborhood

The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the views of The Prowler.

To get out of O Block, you can either scam and trap or choose to rap.

O Block, located on the south side of Chicago, is known to be one of the most heavily gang-populated areas in the country, with lots of violence. It has become popular because many famous rappers were raised in O Block, such as King Von, Chief Keef, and Lil Durk. Unfortunately, most of these rappers are either dead or in jail.

My personal favorite artist from O Block is Chief Keef, who made hit songs such as “Faneto,” “Love Sosa” and “I Don’t Like (clean version)”  This genre of rap is called drill and became very popular in 2014-2016. I like these songs as they hype me up.

Many people know about the dangers of O Block, as it has became so popular through rap, and it is known to be a very dangerous area that everyone knows to stay away from. Ideally, eliminating gangs in these areas and getting rid of this violence would also mean fewer deaths.

Famous rapper King Von was shot and killed during an altercation with fellow rapper Quando Rondo Nov. 6, 2020. Although Lul Tim, a lesser known rapper, was arrested for the murder, all charges against him were dismissed and the case was closed in 2023. King Von was 26 years old.

“He was my favorite rapper,” said Prowler editor Owen Kasif. “He made songs like “Crazy Story,” and it’s tragic how his life was ended short. Recently, I’ve been listening to more Michigan rappers like Babytron and Rio Da Yung OG.”

Today at de Toledo High School, we interviewed students about their knowledge on O Block and the celebrities who grew up there. Most teens know who these rappers are today, but are not as knowledgeable of their upbringing in O Block.

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Kadyn McCafferty
Kadyn McCafferty, Sports Editor
Kadyn McCafferty is a sophomore at de Toledo, class of 2026. He is a character on the baseball team and would like to write about sports.  
Owen Kasif
Owen Kasif, Sports Editor
Owen Kasif is a sophomore at de Toledo, class of 2026. This year he will be writing for The Prowler about sports and school clubs.

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