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The student news site of de Toledo High School

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The student news site of de Toledo High School

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“Get Out” (Streaming on Peacock and Hulu)

WARNING: MOVIE RATED R for language and violence

“Get Out” (2017) is a psychological thriller and drama film directed by Jordan Peele. 

Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya) is a 26-year-old photographer living in New York. The movie starts with him traveling upstate with his girlfriend Rose Armitage (Allison Williams). On the way to their destination, Chris hits a deer and waits for police to arrive. When the police arrive, Rose makes a fuss over their harsh treatment of Chris.

This scene may be looked at as a symbol of police aggression towards African Americans, and it is. However, the reason that Rose creates a fuss is because she wants to stop the police from taking a special notice of Chris, due to his future disappearance. 

Upon his arrival at the Armitage household, Chris takes notice of two house workers: a groundskeeper and a maid. He proceeds to meet the family, including the father Dean, the mother Missy, and the brother Jeremy. Chris begins to experience feelings of unease as he spends more time at the home, and it becomes apparent that Rose’s parents have issues with him, especially his habit of smoking cigarettes.

On the first night, Chris has trouble sleeping and walks around the grounds before stumbling into Rose’s creepy mom. She proceeds to perform hypnotherapy on him and somehow gets rid of his desire to smoke. 

The next day, the extended family arrives for the event at the Armitage household. Chris proceeds to have a series of odd interactions with Rose’s family, as both Chris and the extended family prove awkward in their interactions with people different from themselves. 

By far the most eerie interaction in the movie is when Chris sees another African American man at the party and starts to talk with him, but something seems a bit off.  He proceeds to question the man, and asks him his thoughts on “the African American experience.” Due to the man’s weird behavior, Chris proceeds to take a photo of him from basically point blank range, but he forgets that his flash is on. The flash triggers a change in the behavior of the man and he looks Chris directly in the eye, starts to grab him, and yells the words, “Get out.” 

Chris is obviously pretty shaken up by this interaction and tries to regain his composure, and the family tries to pass off the incident as a seizure. 

So this is where I am going to end my breakdown, because I want you guys (the viewers) to have a good movie experience without me completely giving away the ending. 

You should watch this movie because it is beautifully made and the directing of Jordan Peele is really put on display here. I had honestly never had a movie stick for days after I had watched it until I saw this one.

“Get Out” is just one of those movies that is well-liked across the board, and I can’t recommend it enough. 

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Liam Radd, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Liam Radd is in 10th grade. He excited to be writing for The Prowler this year.


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