Lawry’s Steak House Dishes Up ‘A Whole Meal Experience’

While Lawry’s is known for its prime rib, eating at this iconic steak house is a whole meal experience, not just the steak. It can be tough to get a table, but if you look far enough in advance, it is definitely possible to get a reservation. At the moment, we are still in Covid– which changed a few parts of the restaurant. The famous Lawry’s in Chicago was forced to permanently close because of the virus.

I am going to review the full experience during a normal time without Covid. 

When you first arrive, you are greeted by the valet attendants, who are kind and helpful. Then, when you first walk in, there is a room with delicious meatballs and water to drink while you wait for your table. Once seated, you are served a flavorful salad, and when you order your choice of steak. Lawry’s is known for its prime rib and has different options for sizes of steak that come with different sides. The juicy steak falls apart in your mouth with delicious seasonings and butter on top. Some of my personal favorite sides are the creamed corn and mashed potatoes, which are just delicious. Once you finish the meal, you can choose to have an ice cream sundae with homemade fudge that perfectly wraps up the meal as a whole. 

Lawry’s can be a bit of a long dinner and on the more expensive side, but it is a place I would recommend to anyone who can afford it and is one of my favorite places to go for a nice dinner.