Celebrate Your Birthday at the Beverly Hilton

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One of the biggest parts of traveling for me is the hotel I’m staying in. For me, the best part of a vacation is when you walk in the hotel room, and see the room.

This weekend it was my dad’s birthday, and we were lucky enough to stay in a beautiful hotel in the center of Beverly Hills. The hotel was called the Beverly Hilton. As we walked in the lobby, we noticed it was decorated with beautiful lights for the holidays, and the sun was shining in the lobby. As my dad finished checking in, we began to walk to the elevator. Near the elevator there was a huge fish tank filled with every type of fish you could ever imagine.

We began walking up to the room, and I was very excited to see what it looked like inside.When we walked in, I inhaled the smell of a clean room. The room was extremely clean and had a bag of chocolate for my dad’s birthday on the bed.

Our room was facing the pool, so we got to watch people walk around and swim. The day we arrived we didn’t spend much time in the hotel because we were at the pool all day. The pool was a very large pool surrounded by beautiful palm trees and beach chairs all around the pool.

They also had amazing food at the pool. My dad ordered fish tacos and grilled cheese. They were both absolutely amazing and were served with very fresh and hot fries.

Another highlight of the hotel for me was the breakfast. I started with a very warm and sweet hot chocolate served with three marshmallows on the top. It was hands-down one of my favorite hot chocolates I’ve ever had. Then I had their famous french toast with a Frosted Flake bread crumb finish. Right when I took the first bite, I knew that this was one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had. The sweetness of the Frosted Flake cover was such a unique taste.

Overall, I would rate the hotel a solid nine out of ten.