The Unknown

Enessa Epstein

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Omicron Spreads Rapidly
February 1, 2022

The Unknown

What was the Unknown? 

Did the Unknown mean something was different ? 

My feet traveled out the door; the steps feeling new 

The start of a new day arrived, but nothing felt different. 


The Unknown ? The Unknown ? Oh the Unknown ? 

What could it be? 

I breathed the clear fresh air; my nose lifted high in the sky 

It was the new morning 

The new day 

The day of the Unknown 


Sidewalks were empty 

Leaves fell on the cement 

Puddles on the ground, clear as glass

Moist air traveled through me 


Sun shined bright and beamed off the puddles of water 

Trees swayed side to side, as they followed the rhythms of my feet 

My feet moved my body, while my mind wandered 


Thoughts ran through my head 

Lights, sun, blue, clouds, leaves, and a empty sidewalk 

I was surrounded by nature