Talks Too Much

OMARI, Staff Writer

Dear Jag,

Any advice on dealing with friends while you’re in class? I have made a new friend, and I don’t want to be mean to her by asking her not to talk to me in class, but I also don’t want to lose participation on my grade. What should I do?


Made a New Friend

Dear Jaguar Cub,

As you have probably come to realize, freshman year is a whirlpool of firsts, and in many cases, students would be bashful to ask such a meaningful question, so I thank you for doing so. As a studious person, I know that no one wants to lose participation points for meaningless talk in class. What I would do in a situation like this:  jokingly mention to your new friend, (outside of class of course) that both of you speak too much in class. Start off by asking your friend what their grade is in the class, and ease your way into the “joke.” If this doesn’t work, when your friend is speaking to you in class, respectfully and secretly tell your friend that the teacher is going to take points away from both your grades. This should help with the situation while maintaining your newfound friendship. Good luck with everything!