Five Grandparents Share One Student on Generations Day

Lauren Pomerantz, News Editor

When my five grandparents attend Generations Day each year, it is quite an event. Some people do not feel they want to bring their grandparents to school on this interesting day, but I feel differently. I know that my grandparents and I look forward to spending this time together. My favorite part is that I am able to give them a glimpse of what my daily life is like – the good, the difficult, and the just plain crazy moments.

This coveted de Toledo event began as it has every other year. The masses rushed into the gym and scanned the room to find anyone they could recognize. Hopefully, their search would lead to their grandparents. It is amazing that people can feel and look so lost at such a small school.

The adorable grandparents sat patiently through their designated programs, trying to maintain excited, invested expressions and behavior. As they entered their respective classrooms, the grandparents became “super seniors” in high school. My grandparents made me proud, participating in my government class and even challenging me, which is a pastime my family members enjoy.

My grandparents made my day brighter, and I was able to spend quality time with them in the midst of my crazy schedule. The delighted looks on their faces and their positive reactions made our last Generations Day truly special.