Girls’ Tennis Team Looks to “Bounce Back” and Make a Run for the Playoffs


Seniors Tal N. and Ari Z. “constantly encourage each other” and their teammates to excel.

Jonah Weisner, Sports Editor

The girls’  tennis team has been inconsistent, but, despite there being uncertainty for a playoff berth for the team as a whole,  many individual players look to reach playoffs in “solos.”

As they reach their halfway point in the season, the team is sub .500, but there is still hope. Some players are playoff bound, while others are trying to improve their game to make a run for the playoffs. 

Senior veteran Tal N. said “I think we can bounce back with the three remaining games we have. I think that, despite our losses, we constantly encourage each other to try our hardest.”

Players who have not yet qualified for playoffs hope to learn from their own teammates in order to improve their game.  This team has potential and players are looking to prove their excellence despite the poor start.