The Big Return!

Leah Zagori, Current Events Editor

 Recently, our school decided to go back face-to-face. They give you a choice whether you come every Monday and Wednesday or you can stay on zoom. I  chose to stay on zoom, and this is how it went.

First, not many people decided to stay on zoom, and the ones who did have to join the meeting, and there is this new thing called an owl where you see the teacher and class with a 360 degree camera. It’s really cool, but, in a way, it makes you reconsider staying on zoom.

While we are on zoom, in each class we have to use google docs while some people use paper. Some pros of being on zoom are that you can wake up later and stay in pajamas. You are also always home, and it’s a lot more comfortable.

A main reason I chose to stay on zoom is because I’ve been on zoom for over a year and am scared of change.

I weighed the pros and cons of going to school, and, from what I have heard, it is a very mixed experience. I know many people who, since finding out about going back to five days a week, are rethinking their choices.

When I was online, school was not easy–in fact, far from it. It was very hard to focus, and I had many distractions such as my phone.  Coming back to school, I found it already a lot easier to focus, and I can tell my grades are going to thank me.

To go or not to go is the real question here.

I can say, though I am very glad that I went,  my first day back was nerve-racking, but, at the same time, I had so much fun. Seeing my friends face- to-face was truly a joy for me to experience.

Of course we do have to add in the fact that getting up and dressed is a hassle, but, over time, it should get better. That’s another thing we have to have: patience. Give this whole thing time; I know it’s all so different, and it feels like things are moving really fast. This is history, and the process has only just begun.