HouseParty App Says Goodbye in October

Leah Zagori

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About three weeks ago, HouseParty posted on their social media platforms that in October the app will be officially discontinued! Once I heard this news I was truly devastated. An app I have been using for so long is being deleted.

I have been using this app for over six years. Originally created in 2005, HouseParty is basically a free facetiming app where you can call, text, send voicemails and more, like talking to up to eight people at a time from all over the world with no extra costs, and it shows how many minutes you have been talking to your friends.

Growing up, my friends and I used to always challenge each other to see who could get the most minutes with the most amount of people in the least amount of time. 

My friends and family love to reach out to me at “house parties,” especially my cousins in Israel because it’s so simple.

I talked to my cousin and she told me,  “I use this app practically 30 times a day and now that it’s going to be gone, it’s like I’m losing a huge part of my life.” She explained that she said this because when you are so used to doing something every day it can be quite a struggle to stop doing it and it will take her tons of getting used to but it’s not just her, it’s millions of other people.