Fashion Club Promotes Positive Body Image

Alexis Gavin

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February 1, 2022

What are you doing Monday at lunch?

The Fashion Club meets every other Monday during lunch and is run by president Juliet E. (‘22) and  two co-presidents, Amanda K. (‘24) and Nitzan W-C (‘24).

The focus of Fashion Club is to help the members in the club become confident and comfortable in their bodies by doing positive affirmations and making body-positive posters. 

An important topic they discuss during their club is body positivity in fashion. Both Nitzan W-C. and Amanda K. say they believe that social media influences the way people see themselves and affects people’s confidence. Social media causes insecurities because seeing unrealistic bodies that are probably photoshopped can be very difficult for young people, they agreed. People will grow up with unrealistic standards for themselves, causing body images and eating disorders.

“A lot about fashion is wearing what you like on your body,” said Amanda K. “When we see people wearing something that looks good on them, we may not think it looks good on us, and that could affect our mental health and cause a lot of body dysmorphia. That’s why social media can [have] such a negative impact on our bodies. But in the fashion club, we believe all bodies are beautiful.”

“There is no ‘Pinterest body,’ as I like to call it,” Amanda said. “I feel like everyone in the club agrees with that, and we make it a really safe space if anyone wants to come to talk to us about anything you are going through. We believe that the number one step to feeling confident about yourself is about finding the little things about yourself that you are happy with and embracing them. Also, to only say positive things about yourself, and then, eventually, you will only think positive.” 

The Fashion Club is a great way to involve yourself in the school community, especially if you love fashion. Members will create Pinterest boards based on their personal styles to get to know everyone in the club.

 “My other co-presidents and I think about what is important in the fashion world, and we try and find the roots and the base of that. We try to teach people different things. For example, we talked about upcoming trends and how to identify what they are going to be,” Amanda said.