Din Tai Fung Serves Up ‘A Joyous Experience’

Alexis Gavin

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Din Tai Fung is the perfect place for a night out with friends or family. Especially since it’s finals week, it’s the perfect place to go and reward yourself after a stressful week. The restaurant itself is elegant, but not too fancy. It has a wonderful vibe and is in a great location. Din Tai Fung is located in Century City, so after dinner, you are surrounded by lots of shops and things to do after. The workers at this restaurant are extremely friendly and very welcoming and it is always a joyous experience.  

I would definitely recommend the veggie rice cakes if you decide to try out Din Tai Fung. This dish is the best on the menu. I would also recommend their dumplings and green beans. Each dish is filled with incredible flavor and texture.

For dessert, you need to try the chocolate-filled dumplings. These are the most incredible things I’ve ever had. They are filled with a warm chocolate paste that melts in your mouth; it’s to die for.  It’s great to branch out and try new foods, so if you are looking to try Taiwanese food, Din Tai Fung is the place to go. 

The only issue I have with Din Tai Fung is the wait time. They don’t take reservations, so choose Din Tai Fung if you are willing to wait a few hours for a table. It depends on your location because, at the Century City one, there are activities and shops that will keep you busy. Everyone must try Din Tai Fung once in their lives because it’s so delicious.