Giants Make it to the Divisional Round

Jesse Aronauer

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May 26, 2023
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April 26, 2023

The New York Giants have made it to the Divisional round!

The Giants beat the Vikings 31-24 on Jan. 15, the Vikings’ first one-possession loss of the year. 

Daniel Jones had arguably the best game of his career with a 68.6 completion percentage, 301 passing yards on 24 completions and 35 attempts. He also had 78 rushing yards on 17 attempts. He is the first player in NFL history to have this many passing and rushing yards in the same game in the playoffs.

The Giants made very few mistakes and committed no turnovers. The Giants’ offensive and defensive coordinators came up with great game plans. In fact, due to how much they contributed in turning the whole franchise around, the Giants have received requests from multiple teams to interview both defensive coordinator Don ‘Wink’ Martindale and offensive coordinator Mike Kafka for head coaching jobs. Now, I, personally, really hope that that doesn’t happen because if the Giants lose either of them, next season could be tough.

Throughout the season, the Giants’ receivers surprised everyone by how well they played.

Isaiah Hodgins was signed relatively close to the end of the season and already is one of their top receivers.

Richie James Jr. started for the first time in his career and was also one of their top receivers, leading the team in receptions.

Darius Slayton has also had a great season. He was outstanding his rookie season, but then was buried by depth and didn’t get much playing time for the entire season last year and about half the season this year. Despite that, he leads the team in receiving yards and has broken off many big gains. However, he does struggle with drops sometimes. For example, in the game against the Vikings in the Wild Card round, he dropped a wide-open pass that could’ve sealed the game. Instead, he gave the Vikings a chance to score and tie the game.