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The student news site of de Toledo High School

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The student news site of de Toledo High School

The Prowler

School Community Unites in Support of Israel

de Toledo students write notes of hope on a mock Western Wall to express their support for Israel during the week after the attacks on Israel by the terrorist organization Hamas Oct. 7, 2023. Students pray for the safe return of the people who are being held hostage, and they pray for peace.

“I think it’s a terrible thing that’s happening in the war.  It feels a lot different because we have so much family there, and people think of Israel as a holy land. It’s difficult to watch unfold, as so many innocent Jews are being kidnapped and killed. We can only hope for their safety and hope that Israel comes out victorious. There are many things we can do to help, but if you can’t contribute much, a prayer is enough.” (Kadyn M. ’26)


“I really feel like a lot of people are struggling at this time. It’s hard because my friends have family in Israel. It’s difficult to know what they’re going through. Watching them worry for the lives of those they love, it hurts to know that families and little kids are getting killed. It’s scary to know that hostages are being taken. I wish this terribleness would stop.” (James S. ’26)


“My thoughts on the attack on Israel: it is very horrible what the Palestinians known as Hamas are doing to innocent Israelis. What caused this killing and fear of Israelis? What made this group Hamas come to be? What is Hamas’s goal in causing all of this pain, suffering, killing, kidnapping and bombing? Is it a grudge from something in the past? Why take innocent lives? What is it that Hamas wants? Do they want to gain control of something the Israelis have and the Palestinians don’t have? This killing from both sides–will it be worth it in the end? Will this solve whatever problems that caused the invasion?” (Emily B. ’24)


“My tears fall as I watch this happen to a country I call home and feel so welcomed in, but my people will stand up and continue to hold tikva, or hope, in their hearts…I see myself at the wall, the kotel, remnants of our holy temple from the beginning of us. This is a symbol of how our hope has brought us to a place of pride and joy. We will soon be there again.” (Leah B. ’24)


“The situation in Israel is horrific. It hurts to hear and read about…I have a very close friend who lives in Israel and I am scared for him. Luckily, he lives in Haifa, which is safer than most places. However, no place is really safe.” (Max B. ’26)





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