Learning to Drive

The smell of the leather seats and the head rush you get when you put the car into gear–this is the feeling I feel when I drive.

The first time I ever drove, I crashed into my garage after I tried to drive up the driveway. That was a fun day. 

Driving is something teens around the world look forward to. Getting out on the open road and just going places is the most amazing thing.

I have had the opportunity to start learning to drive, and I know other kids in the school already have their license and the opportunity to go wherever they want. The course I am currently studying is called Drivers Ed Direct, which is an online course for road prep and learning to drive. The learners permit course is around $39.99 and teaches you basic and advanced driving skills, rules of the road, and laws. 

With unlimited practice tests and an innovative test course, you are sure to pass that permit test with flying colors. Then, in about six months, you will be ready to take your driving test. This step costs around $300, depending on which course you choose and has everything from in-car lessons to road rules and how to schedule your appointment for the DMV.  Although the course is rigorous, in the end it is definitely worth it–not to mention the fact that it prepares you for every aspect of driving.

I think it is important that people learn to drive because you never know if you’re going to need to step up and drive somewhere because of an emergency. Some people wince at the thought of driving a car and prolong the process for as long as possible, and some don’t even try at all. But this is ok. You should not have to feel ashamed just because you do not want to drive. 

The most important part of driving is actually getting your car. Whether you are getting it handed down or buying it brand new, you should make your car yours by adding your favorite air freshener or Starbucks cup to the center console. Once the car feels comfortable and safe for you, you are ready to go get on that road and drive.

Driving is scary and it is important to be safe. “Seatbelts are cool” is something my mentor always told me when we would go on outings, and he was right. Some of the best memories I have are in the car, and I am so excited for the day when I can get out on the road all by myself. 

Good luck out there fellow drivers, and be safe.